imgACTION ALERT! Governor Brown now considering mandatory education, pregnancy protection bills

August 26, 2014

By Lori Arnold – Research Analyst

California’s private school families and homeschoolers are one signature away from losing control over decisions regarding kindergarten after a measure mandating enrollment for all children passed through the Legislature this week. The law, Assembly Bill (AB) 1444 (Buchanan D-San Ramon), now advances to Gov. Jerry Brown, who will likely sign it. READ MORE

imgBill to protect pregnant students advances, but your voice still needed

August 18, 2014

By Lori Arnold – Research Analyst

The final week of committee hearings for the 2013-14 legislative session ended Friday, with an encouraging victory in a year that has yielded little to celebrate for the pro-life community. Members of the Senate Appropriations Committee unanimously approved Assembly Bill (AB) 2350 (Bonilla D-Concord), which adds pregnancy discrimination to the state’s Equity in Higher Education Act. READ MORE

imgGood or bad, bills now make final push in committees

August 12, 2014

By Lori Arnold – Research Analyst

August 15 marks the final chance for most bills to make it out of committee for the year. With Friday’s deadline looming, this week’s action in the Appropriations Committee is likely to mirror the Wii “Shooting Range” game where players take aim at their targets at a frenzied pace before time runs out. The Appropriations Committee, which considers the financial implications for most legislation, is generally the last stop before bills hit the full floor for their final vote. READ MORE

imgGovernor signs misleading family code bill

August 4, 2014

By Lori Arnold – Research Analyst

Building codes, tools, and techniques have certainly changed over the centuries. From the archaic rock and chisel to the computer-aided design and laser technology, a fundamental aspect of construction has not changed: no matter the method or material, the foundation must be sound.
Except in California. READ MORE

About Us

California Family Alliance (CFA) is a not-for-profit, political action organization that works in affiliation with California Family Council. CFA’s purpose is to advocate for pro-family, pro-life issues at the grassroots and legislative levels.

Because of our advocacy for and against legislative bills, ballot measures and cultural issues, CFA is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(4) organization. This IRS status means that contributions to CFA are not tax-deductible. We rely on the gifts of families and individuals who believe California’s public policies must be researched, analyzed and communicated to the state’s citizens, in order to motivate participation in the process of government.

Similar to California Family Council, CFA limits its involvement to matters that affect innocent life, religious liberty, and the historic, traditional family, such as:

• Abortion
• Embryonic stem cell research
• Physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia
• Human trafficking and child protection
• Parental authority
• Educational curricula
• Alternative sexual orientation “rights”
• Same-sex “marriage”
• Rights of conscience and employment laws
• Adoption and foster care
• Fiscal responsibility
• Divorce and its consequences