14K Gold Jewelry Wholesale by Play With Diamonds

If you are looking for a quality engagement ring, consider 14K gold. The metal is durable and doesn’t tarnish. It is also very beautiful in any shade. A 14K gold expert can help you design a ring that is perfect for your loved one and fits within your budget.

Promotional Strategies That Can Expedite Your Online Wholesale Jewelry Business

You can also identify 14k jewelry wholesale by Play With Diamonds by its hallmark, which has been used since the 13th century to protect buyers from fake gold. The hallmark laws were in place before widespread testing of gold’s purity was available, and gold stamps vary from country to country. In the US, however, you can purchase gold jewelry without a purity stamp, but you must also check the karatage.

When selling jewelry to the public, it’s essential to ensure its quality and authenticity. There are some safeguards to take in order to prevent fraud, including meeting with a buyer you don’t know in their home. Always remember that your personal safety should be your first priority. If you can, meet with your buyer in a public location like a bank. It will provide more security.

Choosing the right karat also depends on the type of diamond or other metal. For example, 14K yellow gold will be a good match for lower-grade stones. A 14K yellow gold setting will look best with a G color diamond from James Allen. Most other golds won’t look good with this stone. This makes 14K gold a great choice for everyday jewelry, and for special meaning jewelry.

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