Breathing Coach Certification

breathing coach certification

Breathing exercises are accessible to anyone and offer profound health benefits. Once you have your breathing coach certification, you can guide others through these simple yet profound exercises, whether in a physical or virtual setting. Breathing exercises require little equipment – you only need a quiet space and undivided attention. As one of the most overlooked modality, breathing exercises are a powerful healing tool that many people have yet to learn. After all, you’ll be teaching others how to breathe effectively – and that’s what makes them so important!

Breathing Coach Certification Requirement

The certification requires intensive study of breathwork physiology, which includes functional airways, breathing muscles, and blood chemistry. It also requires learning how to safely practice breathwork, enter breathers’ energy fields, and apply verbal cues and touch. Breathing coaches must be able to develop self-regulation, a vital skill for any practitioner. Certification is essential to practice the art of breathwork and earn a great living. There are more than 200 certified breathing coaches worldwide, including yoga instructors, entrepreneur-trainers, and people with physical and mental health issues.

Breathwork training can be difficult for beginners, but this course offers an ideal balance of theory and practice. Instructors explained everything in great detail and provided good examples. The course’s website was easy to navigate and unit-based learning made it easy to progress through the material. You can earn your breathing coach certification in as little as two weeks or as long as six months. It’s a great investment for any beginner or advanced practitioner.