Why Choose a Wet Pour Play Surface?

wet pour play surface

Wet pour play surface is a high-quality, impact-absorbing, flexible rubber surface which can be installed under playground equipment to provide a soft landing for any falls and reduce injuries. It’s also popular for landscaping projects to prevent slipping and other hazards.

Often called ‘rubber for playgrounds’ or ‘rubber surfacing’, wet pour is a mix of recycled EPDM rubber granules and polyurethane binder that is mixed and poured on site to the desired thickness. It’s then allowed to set before being used. This system can be applied on top of a concrete, tarmac or MOT type 1 stone base and is available in a variety of colours.

Choosing the Right Wet Pour Colors for Your Play Area: Tips and Trends

Because wet pour is porous, it’s able to drain quickly, eliminating the possibility of puddles and providing a safe playing environment for children. This system is also crack-resistant and able to cope with drastic weather changes. The mix of rubber granules and binder helps the surface to resist damage from heavy foot traffic, making it durable and long-lasting.

Another benefit of wet pour is that it doesn’t require as much maintenance as wood chip surfacing, with an occasional hose down all that’s required to keep it looking good into the future. However, we would recommend that any softwash chemicals are tested before use on a wet pour surface as some can cause fading. We suggest using Benz Lightning Cleanze applied at 10-5:1 dilution to ensure that the surface is safe for play after the treatment.

Shop Front Shutters Near Me

Shop front shutters near me can protect a business from criminal damage, vandalism and theft, particularly after hours. The cost of repairing smashed windows, damaged goods and stolen merchandise can be prohibitively expensive, and in some cases, may prevent businesses from being able to open for business again. This is why shop front shutters are such a useful investment for commercial property owners.More info:https://www.shopfrontdesign.co.uk/

A high-quality shutter door solution will not only help to protect your business from crime, but it can also reduce the need for constant cleaning and subtle repairs. This is because when the shutters are down, it will be impossible to lean or stand against them, and they can also reduce the number of dust particles that reach the window pane. This will reduce the amount of time it takes for the window to become dirty and will decrease the need to hire a professional window cleaner.

Neighborhood Safety: How Shop Front Shutters Can Benefit Your Business

Retail shutters are not only an effective deterrent against intruders, but they will also allow your customers to feel more confident in shopping at your store or building. They can be operated by a remote or an electrical system, which means that they are easy to use, and offer quick and easy access when needed.

Designed to meet industry requirements, including insurance standards, shutter doors are available in a range of security levels, ranging from SR1 to SR4. They can be made to order to ensure they are the perfect fit for your shopfront, and are also aesthetically pleasing, with transparent designs that work well in shops or other public spaces. They are also durable, with options for powder coating in a colour of your choice to match your brand colours.