Storm Damage Repair – What You Need to Know

storm damage repair

When severe weather hits, property owners must be ready to take quick action. This includes inspecting and documenting damage, contacting disaster restoration service providers, and taking precautions to prevent further harm to their homes and families. If the damage is extensive and a property owner cannot access their home, they must seek help immediately. Some common storm damage problems include blown off roofs, massive water damage, flooded basements, cracked and broken windows, and other structural damages.

Storm damage repair can be a lengthy process, especially when dealing with insurance companies. However, there are steps homeowners can take to make the process less stressful and complicated.

After the Storm: Swift and Effective Roof Damage Repair

First, make sure that the structure is safe to enter. Check for displaced nails, exposed screws and broken glass, which can pose serious hazards. Also, be on the lookout for downed power lines and standing water. If these are present, remain away from them as they may be live and dangerous.

Inspect and document all of the damage, both inside and out. A blown-off roof can cause major structural issues, while water damage can lead to toxigenic mold growth and severe health risks for homeowners and their families.

After the inspection, contact your insurance agent or company. They can help guide you through the process of filing a claim by providing you with a claim number, a local list of emergency service providers and dispatching an adjuster to provide a quote for repairs. If you must make any temporary repairs after the inspection, save receipts for materials and labor to ensure fair reimbursement from your insurer.

Clearwater SEO – Getting Your Phone Ringing and Orders Coming in

Clearwater SEO

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Clearwater SEO: Strategies for Dominating Local Search

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EV Rebates and Financial Incentives


EVs are well-suited for short commutes, but they require more planning than gasoline vehicles for long trips. With a growing network of public charging stations and improving battery technology, this has become less of a concern. More info:

Explore EV rebates and financial incentives in your area. Learn about the benefits of electric vehicle ownership and its impact on the environment.


ChooseEV has a simple calculator that shows how much fuel cost savings an EV driver can realize. This tool can be customized based on your utility’s residential kWh rate and local gas price and can be updated as frequently as necessary. It is a valuable tool for utilities to use when communicating the benefits of EVs to customers.

Cars Electric Car

cars electric car

An cars electric car uses an electrical power source to drive motors that turn wheels. An EV’s battery pack provides a cruising range, typically measured in miles or kilowatt-hours per 100 kilometers. Some EVs use regenerative braking that recharges the battery while slowing the vehicle.

Electric cars offer sleek styling and a wealth of advanced technology, including driver assistance features that help keep you safe on the road. They can also boast impressive acceleration, especially from a standing start. They tend to have a lower weight than their gas-powered counterparts, which helps with handling and efficiency. They also don’t need a gas tank or fuel pumps, and they often require fewer routine maintenance visits to the mechanic because there are no internal combustion engines and fewer moving parts to replace.

Cars Electric Car: Exploring the Diversity of Electric Models

A growing number of EVs are available today, from affordable hatchbacks that get you around town to supercars with enough power to reach 620 miles per charge and rocket from 0 to 60 mph in less than three seconds. Some manufacturers have even created battery-swapping technology that allows drivers to exchange the batteries in their EVs for fresh ones in minutes at a charging station.

Small SUVs and hatchbacks are popular vehicles for electric models because of their compact size, practical interiors and light, nimble handling. Examples include the redesigned 2025 Mini Cooper, which has a back seat that’s big enough for adults and offers a 310-mile driving range. The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo marries sports-car quickness with a hatchback shape that’s roomy for the family, while the Polestar 2 brings a minimalist interior and an impressive Google operating system to the EV market.

Pennsylvania’s Civil War Flags Collection

War Flags Collection

The War Flags Collection | Ultimate Flags Store that accompanied the soldiers of Pennsylvania to battle in the Civil War, some of them with bloodstains and bullet holes, fill drawers in a closet inside the state’s historic Capitol complex. Some are in tatters; others are treasured for the connections they give schoolchildren, Civil War enthusiasts and re-enactors to the people of the commonwealth who bravely served this country. But the condition of these battle-stained flags is deteriorating, and many of them are ripped and ragged where they hang in labeled oak and glass display cases.

Raise the Standard: Exploring the War Flags Collection

The state Department of Administration, which holds the responsibility for the 374 Union flags and 22 Spanish-American flags in the collection, has begun a project to preserve these fragile artifacts, but a timetable for when they will be on public display is not clear. It will depend on factors such as cost and available space in the 14-acre Capitol complex.

A new preservation initiative aims to conserve the flags by sealing them in protective encapsulation, which protects them from light and air pollution that can cause further damage. The encapsulated flags will be stored flat and researchers will be able to examine them easily without damaging the delicate fabric.

The flags tell stories of a local, statewide and national nature. There’s a flag from the 97th Pennsylvania Regiment that bears the bloodstain of its wounded color bearer, and a flag from the 52nd Pennsylvania Regiment that has 107 bullet holes from the battle to capture Fort Fisher.