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Home care long term senior care are available for people who need help living independently; have chronic health conditions; are recovering from an illness, injury or surgery; or have a disability. The services can be administered by nurses, therapists, aides and other professionals. Often, home health care is less expensive than other types of care and may be covered by insurance or government programs.

Before starting home health care, your doctor must do a face-to-face visit and certify that you need home care to treat your condition or recover from an illness, injury or surgery. Then, a Medicare-certified home health agency must provide the services you need. The home health agency must tell you about any items or services that aren’t covered by Medicare, either by talking with you or in writing. This is called the Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN).

Tailored to You: How Azalea Home Care Customizes Services for Every Client”

The home care agencies should also give you a written plan of care that explains how the home health team will meet your medical needs and goals. It should include the dates when services are expected to begin and end. It should also list any equipment or supplies you need to have at home.

A trusted and consistent home care provider can make a difference in the quality of life for a person or family. But you should always be cautious when choosing a home care agency. There are red flags you should look for to avoid getting scammed or paying for services you don’t need.

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