Black Grip Socks

black grip socks

Black grip socks are the ideal pair to wear for Pilates, yoga or cozy weekends at home. They’re made of premium combed cotton that feels comfortable on your feet and have built-in non slip performance pads. The pads hug your footwear to help grip your socks and shoes together, allowing you to move faster with more stability.

The concept of grip socks started in 2007 when a Crystal Palace player-coach was bothered by the internal movement of his socks inside his football boots. This led him to experiment with creating grip socks that would reduce the internal movement of his foot within the shoe. In 2011, he established Trusox as the first grip socks manufacturer. His socks quickly gained a following among professional players. Gareth Bale was one of them, wearing Trusox while playing for Tottenham. This link black grip socks –

Maximum Traction, Sleek Style: Embracing the Power of Black Grip Socks

Many football brands have since launched their own pairs of grip socks. One such pair is Nike’s NikeGrip which combines different technologies. The grip elements are inspired by the feet of a gecko that have thousands of tiny hairs that let it climb and grip every surface. This helps the foot hold onto the inside of the boot, making it easier to change direction and shoot. The socks also have a tight compression fit to prevent ankle sprains and provide extra lockdown stability.

Another example is the UK based Gain the Edge grip socks. They feature similar selling points as other functioning grip socks, but with a lower price tag to reflect its cheaper sock material and generic sizing options.

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