Choosing a Paintball Hopper

Whether you are playing on a school field or an open-field paintball tournament, you will need a paintball hopper for your equipment. These devices can be either plastic or metal. You will want to choose a hopper that is durable and can withstand the punishment of the paintballs. In addition, it is important that you choose the right size for your equipment. Most paintball hogs are adjustable, so you can choose the type that works best for you. URL

How To Save Money With Paintball Hopper?

When choosing a paintball hopper, you should choose between a gravity-fed or electronic model. The first is inexpensive and easy to carry. It contains no mechanism, and is very lightweight. Unfortunately, gravity-fed hoppers can jam unless they’re continuously moving. They can also break. Make sure to check the sizing chart before buying a rotary hose. The smallest size will not fit most players’ paintball markers.

The Proto alpha hopper is designed to hold more than 200 paintballs, making it ideal for fast-paced paintball games. The large opening is great for reducing the risk of jams. This model shoots eight paintballs per second, which is very fast for a hopper. However, it is heavier than other paintball nozzles, so beginners and experienced players should be aware of the weight before using it.

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