Choosing Grow Bags For Mushroom Cultivation

grow bags mushrooms

grow bags mushrooms  are an effective way to sterilise your mushroom substrates for mushroom growing and spawn production.

They are heat resistant and feature a filter patch that allows for fresh air exchange which is essential to the healthy growth of mycelium.

Not all grow bags are created equal, so it’s important to choose the correct bag for your needs based on three key factors: size, thickness and filter size. Filter size determines how much air can pass through it, while size determines how many spores can be trapped in the bag.

Size matters for many reasons, including whether you need to fit a specific amount of substrate or spawn in the bag and how big your growing area is. Choosing the right size is easy when you have a clear idea of what your growing needs are and how large your growing space will be.

Mushroom Spores in Art and Culture: A Historical Perspective

Depending on the strain of mushroom you’re cultivating, it may be necessary to adjust your grow bag to allow the mushrooms to fruit in a specific manner. Most commonly, mushroom species will fruit where fresh air and high humidity converge on the surface of their substrate.

Fruiting usually takes around 7-14 days, so it’s important to control the factors of temperature, oxygen level and humidity at the right time to trigger fruiting. This usually involves opening the bag and increasing air exchange and providing the substrate with a light source, high humidity and adequate misting to maintain the optimal conditions.

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