How to Choose Custom Table Covers

custom table covers  are premium quality advertising space at trade shows, events, and other promotional venues. They’re perfect for showcasing giveaway merchandise, handout materials, samples, and other merchandise that connect businesses with customers. Using a table cover with your brand’s logo and design is an easy way to elevate your display’s aesthetic and help attract more foot traffic to your booth.

Personalize Your Presentation: Custom Table Covers for Every Event

When choosing your table cover, consider its material, design, and print placement. Decide if you want to go with a three-sided tablecloth that allows for easy access to equipment stored underneath or a four-sided cover that provides full coverage. Also, decide if you’d like to have a front-panel print or an all-over one. The former allows for a clean look but will be less visible to potential customers, while the latter commands more attention from passersby.

The fabric that your table cover is made from is also a big consideration. Polyester is the best option for a custom table cover as it’s wrinkle-resistant and ideal for dye sublimation printing. Avoid cotton fabric as it isn’t very durable and may fade over time.

Fitted or draped table covers offer a polished and professional look to your display and can be printed with any color and designs for an eye-catching aesthetic. Alternatively, stretch table covers are made of a flexible fabric that “hugs” the table crating for a smooth finish and modern style. Finally, table runners are narrow fabric pieces placed on top of a table covering to add color, pattern, and design as well as protecting the table from spills.

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