How to Fit Clothes to Make Your Figure Stand Out

fit clothes

Whether you want your women fitness clothing to make you look thinner, taller or more muscular, good fit is the key. A properly fitting garment will flatter your figure, making you forget about its flaws and highlight its best features. A fit check takes into account how close the garment is to your body, how well the fabric stretches and how well its sleeve and trouser lengths match your body’s dimensions.

Having your fit clothes properly isn’t just about getting the right size; it’s about getting the right style. If you choose the wrong cut, color or fabric, your clothes can look frumpy or baggy. In addition, the way a garment moves with you is important. If it’s clinging to your skin, twisting as you move or pulling down when you sit, you know that it isn’t a good fit.

Fashion Meets Fitness: Trendy and Functional Fit Clothes for an Active Lifestyle

You’ll also want to consider whether the hem of the trousers skims your ankles correctly, the shirt sleeves and trouser cuffs are the correct length and that the seams and lining don’t rub against or pull on sensitive areas such as the crotch or armpits. These are subtle elements that may not be obvious when you’re standing in a static position and are easy to miss when judging the fit from a mirror. If you have trouble determining whether or not a garment fits, bring along a friend who can give you an honest opinion or ask a store employee for help. Many, especially in lingerie shops, are trained to take measurements and can offer an objective outsider’s opinion that you can trust.

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