How to Identify and Stop Bots

stop bots

Stop bots

There are plenty of bad and malicious bots out there, from unauthorized web crawlers that can disrupt analytics data to spambots that submit contact forms with fake user data or invalid email addresses. These can create a lot of problems for your website and put your budget and security at risk.

In addition, bot traffic is often disruptive and can affect a variety of site metrics such as page views, bounce rate, session duration, geolocation of users and conversions. These deviations can lead to frustration and confusion for a website owner who is trying to monitor their performance.

Identify and stop bots

A good place to start is by analyzing your analytics. There are a number of sticky fingerprints you can look for in your analytics, including IP addresses, browser and header data, and other identifiers that will help you distinguish between legitimate and non-legitimate visitors.

How to Stop Bots from Hijacking Your Website and Online Accounts

The key is to use this information as a basis for your bot detection and blocking strategy. There are a number of tools you can use to mitigate the influx of bad bots, from rate limiting solutions and engineer intervention to bot management solutions that leverage intelligence and machine learning to proactively identify and stop bot abuse.

The most effective bot-blocking method is to use a tool that will proactively identify and stop the bad bots before they ever get to your website. A bot management solution, such as Cloudflare, can do this using a combination of intelligence and behavioral analysis to prevent bots from ever reaching your website in the first place.

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