How to Make a Napkin Basket

napkin basket

A napkin basket keeps your cocktail-size cloth napkins at the ready while adding a decorative touch to your kitchen decor. Handwoven by Iowa Amish artisans, this basket is a practical choice for holding your favorite napkins or other household items such as paperwork, pencils and more. Each basket is signed by the craftsperson and makes a great gift. URL napkin basket –

A variety of styles of napkin holders are available, from a traditional napkin dispenser, found in restaurants and diners, to caddies with compartments for each item, such as salt and pepper shakers or flatware. There are also many different materials that can be used to create a napkin basket, such as twine, ribbon or felt. A fabric-covered holder, for example, may be used to match your table linens or even the color scheme of your room, while metal napkin rings are a popular option that can be fastened with twist ties.

Organize and Accessorize: Discovering the Charm of a Napkin Basket for Your Table

To weave your basket, cut 3 pieces 22″ long and 7 pieces 18″ long from 1/2″ Flat Reed for the stakes of your base. Soak them until thoroughly wet and pliable. For the base fillers, cut 2 pieces 10″ long from the same Reed. Make a pencil mark on the rough side at the center of each and tuck one end of each under the first 18″ stake on either side, See Fig. 1. Repeat the process for the other base filler piece.

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