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Indian cigarettes near me known as bidis, are small and flavored, and are often tied on one end with bits of colorful string. These hand-rolled cigarettes deliver a quick rush of nicotine and are popular among young people, but they pose serious health risks for those who smoke them.

The cigarette black market in New York is enormous, experts say, and brazen. It ranks as the largest in the nation, even larger than the city’s traffic in narcotics. It is also, by far, the most complicated, with its network of wholesalers and Indian vendors smuggling billions of untaxed cigarettes into the state.

Last year, 43 manufacturers supplied reservations in New York, and two-thirds of those came from Lorillard, Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds, according to an ICIJ analysis of tax data. To distribute their brands on the reservation, those companies relied on a handful of wholesalers who shipped them into New York with no state excise taxes or federal cigarette taxes. The wholesalers have been sued by New York City, which estimates that one of every three cigarettes sold on the state’s reservations is channeled through them.

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On the other side of the spectrum, some New York tribal smoke shops are starting to make their own cigarettes on-site. One such operation, the Oneidas’ Signal brand, is located in a large green building at Akwesasne, with white placards advertising the cigarettes on their racks. But some of these efforts are tainted by corruption and other violations that may threaten the tribal sovereignty that underpins the entire business.

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