Innokin Endura Tumbler Vaporizer Review

The Innokin Endura Tumbler is a new vaporizer that has hit the market with a great deal of publicity. Many vaporizer enthusiasts have praised the ease of use, but have also complained about some of the problems associated with this product. My innokin endura t18 review cover the vaporizer tumbler reviewed here. The Innokin ensure tumbler comes with two different ways to power it. One method is via a USB port on the bottom which will need to be used when the vaporizer is plugged into a wall outlet. This makes it necessary to always make sure the vaporizer is unplugged and not lying on a table or other surface while charging.

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The second method is a cord that attaches to the vaporizer like a backpack. This makes it much easier to carry and charge. The biggest issue with this vaporizer is that there are no heating elements. Therefore, it will not work if you choose to use it in the microwave. For those that want to enjoy their vaporizer without being bothered by elements that could get too hot, this is a good choice.

In my review of the Innokin ensure vaporizer, I noted that it does everything that I had expected from a vaporizer, but one thing that disappointed me was that there were no heat elements. Fortunately, this is a small complain. Other than that, this vaporizer performed as described and delivered great vapor for my money. I would recommend the Innokin tumbler to anyone looking for a vaporizer that offers top quality at a reasonable price. You can get great deals online if you shop around, so I urge you to read my review of the Innokin Endura Tumbler.

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