Tbparts Sells Mikuni Carburetor

tbparts sells mikuni carburetor


tbparts sells mikuni carburetor
A new tbparts sells Mikuni carburetor for your 70cc-140cc pit bike! This genuine Mikuni VM20 – 273 series carb is a great option for those wanting more power and higher compression at a very reasonable price. This carburetor does not require boring of the cases – simply bolt on and tune (not included).

The TM Series venturi features a modern designed flat slide that delivers significant performance improvements over round slides. The flat slide produces a smooth bore effect that increases the velocity of airflow through the venturi. This high velocity creates a stronger vacuum at the needle jet offering more precise fuel metering and improved throttle response.

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The kit includes a VM26 carb that is +6mm larger than the stock carburetor, a performance race head with larger stainless steel valves, improved porting, roller cam, and forged aluminum rocker arms for increased compression and big power gains over the basic stock head. Combined with our 146cc big bore kit this carburetor kit will be a major upgrade for your 110cc engine!

tbparts carries a full line of performance parts for the classic Honda Z50 Monkey mini bike. These performance upgrades and accessories are made by leading manufacturers in the industry to ensure quality and performance. Whether you are looking to restore your Honda or just want to add some extra horsepower, tbparts has the parts you need!

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