The Basics of Pier and Beam Foundations

pear and beam

There are still plenty of homes in the Greater Fort Worth area built on pier and beam foundations. These foundations consist of concrete piers and wooden beams that support the structure of the house. The piers are spaced around 4 feet apart and run perpendicular to each other, creating a grid-like pattern underneath the home. This type of foundation is less popular than slab on grade foundations because it’s more expensive and requires more extensive excavation, but it can be a good choice for certain types of homes.

When constructing a pier and beam foundation, you will start by digging holes where the piers will be located. You may need to dig these holes to a depth of up to 24 inches. Then, you will place and fasten the wooden beams to the piers using metal hardware. The piers should be properly leveled to prevent uneven settlement of the foundation. Go here

Since pier and beam foundations elevate the house structures off of the ground, they are not as susceptible to flooding as slab on grade foundations. However, they can still be affected by dampness if the crawl space is not well ventilated and drained regularly.

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Repairs on a pier and beam foundation are generally easier and less expensive than repairs on a slab foundation. This is because piers are typically easier to access than plumbing and electrical lines that are set in the slab. However, the crawl spaces that pier and beam foundations create can be a haven for pest infestations such as termites, rats, mice, and squirrels.

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