The Impact of Social Features in Online Games

The Impact of Social Features in Online Games

Video games are becoming increasingly popular as a form of socialising, particularly for teens and children. They provide a safe outlet for emotions, encourage positive behavior and develop cognitive skills such as motor coordination, planning and sequencing. However, online gaming can also lead to behavioural dysregulation, overstimulation and addictive patterns, which can have serious psychological impacts on users, especially for vulnerable groups.

Adding social features เข้าที่นี่ to mobile games has multiple benefits: it increases user engagement and retention, drives referral traffic, creates an engaging in-game community, boosts conversion rates and saves costs on user acquisition. It’s no wonder that top mobile games are incorporating social features.

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According to Getsocial, players are 2.7x more likely to keep playing a game if they feel like they’re a part of an in-game community. This can be achieved by social features such as inviting friends, showing player progress on realtime leaderboards, and more.

Another way of building a community is by giving players the opportunity to brag about their achievements in-game. For instance, MOBAs allow players to share their high scores or beat stronger opponents and attract new players.

Moreover, online chats in games are increasingly being used as a platform for establishing long-lasting relationships with fellow gamers. This is mainly because the platform allows players to connect with one another even when they’re not playing the same game. For example, Steam has a community forum where players can discuss their favourite games, ask questions, and help others.

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