The Importance of a Well-Constructed Horse Menage

The horse menage is a space where horses train and rehearse a wide variety of equestrian activities. Just as a canvas can host a range of paintings, so the menage can serve as a stage for a multitude of equestrian performances, from precision riding to daring calf roping. The horse and rider become a harmonious team, orchestrating each movement with precision like a maestro guiding an orchestra.

A horse arena must be well constructed if it is to remain functional in all weathers for many years. To achieve this, good drainage is essential, especially where the arena is used for dressage. The surface must also be able to withstand the pounding and impacts of all training sessions, without becoming too compacted and creating a surface that is not easy for the horse to work on.

Unveiling the Beauty of Horse Menage: Creating Your Riding Arena

The base for the horse arena should be made from a material that is suitable and cost-effective. This may be a recycled plastic, an asphalt-like product or one of the many different types of clay that are available. The footing should be matched to the local climate and soil type, in order to minimize any potential contaminants such as heavy metals, organic matter or salts. The footing should also have a good particle size distribution to reduce dust potential. If the arena is to be used for dressage, a herringbone pattern should be used as this will increase the surface area and give better traction.

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