Three Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency for Hiring Romanian Workers

If you have plans to hire Romanian workers, you may want to consider hiring a recruitment agency to handle the process for you. These agencies specialize in selecting both qualified and unqualified individuals for the job. In addition to finding employees, they also provide legal assistance during the recruitment process, as well as after the workers are hired. This can help you reduce hiring costs and improve your company’s employee morale. Below are three reasons why you should consider hiring a recruitment agency: Read More –

Tips For Hiring Romanian Workers Through a Recruitment Agency

recruitment agency for hiring romanian workers

If you are looking for a foreign worker, you must consider the country’s culture and legal requirements. First of all, there are many regulations regarding employment in Romania. Employers are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of union affiliation. Additionally, Romanian law requires written employment contracts in the local language. In addition, fixed-term contracts are not permitted. In Romania, the contract should be signed before the employee begins work.

Second, it is essential for employers to follow Romanian laws when hiring workers. While you can hire Romanians without using a recruitment agency, it is important to remember that most of the job advertisements must be in Romanian, so you’ll need to get a translation service. Third, employers should keep in mind the country’s anti-discrimination laws. They cover age, race, disability, political views, and health condition, all of which cannot be considered when hiring people. The law also prevents employers from using language that may be perceived as discriminatory by employees.

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