What is the Difference Between the Vitamix 7500 Vs Vitamix 750?

The debate over the vitamix 7500 vs vitamix 750 is one that rages on. In reality, you really have to take time out to look at each of the two so you can see which one is the right one for your needs. There are some important points that will help you make your decision easier as well. So what is the difference between these two appliances?

What’s the Difference Between Vitamix Models?

One of the major differences is the way that they cut food. With the Vitamix you will notice that the blades will come in different sizes. This is because the different food items will need to be sliced differently. They are also a little bit larger than the Vitamix 750. The downside is that they are more difficult to clean, but this is only because of the way that they are made. It is possible to clean them without much effort, but it would still take some time.

The other thing that you need to take a look at is the size of the blades that are used with the Vitamix. The blade that is used with the Vitamix is a very large blade, which is about three feet long. When looking at the Vitamix 7500, you will notice that the blades are smaller. The reason why they are smaller is because they do not need to slice as much food as the Vitamix 750. The biggest thing to consider is that the blades are used in a lot of different foods. When it comes to getting the right blade, it is best to look at the ones that can handle a variety of different things. You can then compare the sizes of the blades between the two so you can get the best quality.

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