Why Are There Moths in My House?

why are there moths in my house

At some point in their lives, most people will deal with moths. Whether it’s the discovery of a gaping hole in a cashmere sweater or a pantry full of wriggling larvae, these pesky insects can be both annoying and expensive to remove. Getting to the bottom of why are there moths in my house is a good start, though, because understanding how moths get in can help prevent future infestations.

Generally speaking, moths will invade your home as either egg-laying adults or famished larvae. Infestations often start when you bring into your home contaminated clothing or food that contains moth eggs and then leave it sitting for too long, giving the eggs time to hatch. Once moth larvae are present, they can chew their way through your clothing and other household goods. They’ll also produce feces and cocoon casings that will give your home a foul odor.

The Science Behind Moths in Your Home: Causes and Solutions

Moths may also enter your home from the outside if your doors or windows are left open. They’re attracted to light and may find their way inside if the sun is shining on them.

Once inside, moths will find areas that are dark and warm. They’re most often found in closets, storage chests, and furniture with tight spaces and folds where they can hide. Pantry moths and clothes moths look brown, tan, or gray, with fuzzy bodies and wings that are usually slightly larger than half an inch. They are nocturnal and will fly at night but spend the day hiding in dark locations.

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